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How to high quality wires cables for power cable manufacturers?


Wires cables are known as the blood vessels nerves of the national economy. power, railway, transportation, communication, building to daily home decoration, they are inseparable wires cables. However, in the long-term use of wires cables, many factors may affect the aging of materials, resulting in the degradation of product performance, especially the aging of insulation materials, which may lead to failure even fire.


Therefore, power cable manufacturers should try their best to choose high-quality cables when selecting wires cables. High quality wires cables must have better overall performance longer service life, so how should we choose high-quality wires cables?

1. Check "CCC" certification mark

Wire cable products are national compulsory safety certification products. All production enterprises must obtain the "CCC" certification certified by CNEEC, which is available on the certificate of conformity products.

2. Check the inspection report

As a product affecting personal property safety, wires cables have always been listed as the focus of government supervision inspection, regular manufacturers are subject to periodic inspection by the supervision department. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the inspection report of the quality inspection department, otherwise, the quality of wire cable products is lack of basis.

3. Look at the packaging

All production products in line with national standards of formal enterprises, production of wire cable pay attention to product packaging. When purchasing, pay attention to the exquisite packaging, clear printing, complete model, specification, factory name address.

4. Look at the appearance

The appearance of high-quality wire cable products meets the standard requirements, smooth round, even color. The appearance of fake inferior products is rough lusterless. For rubber insulated flexible cable, it is required to have a round appearance, the sheath, insulation conductor are tight easy to peel off. The fake ones have rough appearance, large ovality low sheath, which can be torn off by hand.

5. Look at the conductor

The conductor is glossy, the conductor structure size meets the requirements of national standards. Wire cable products that meet the requirements of national standards, whether aluminum copper, are relatively bright free of oil pollution. Therefore, the DC resistance of the conductor completely meets the national standards, with good conductivity high safety.

6. Measure the length of wires cables

Length is the main visual method to distinguish the products that meet the requirements of national standards fake products. Do be greedy for cheap when purchasing. Choose wires cables whose actual meters are less than their nominal meters. The length must match the nominal number of meters. According to the national regulations, the allowable error per 100m is ± 0.5m.

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Head office address:Dacao Technical Economic Development Area,

Xingtai city ,Hebei province, China  

Operation Department: Jinan high tech Zone, Shandong Province


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