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How do power cable manufacturers distinguish control cable computer cable?


The power cable manufacturer's control cable is suitable for PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cables used in industrial mining enterprises, power transportation departments, control maintenance lines for AC extra voltage below 450 / 750 V. Extra voltage: 450 / 750V for U0 / u.


The computer cable is suitable for electronic computers automatic connecting cables with additional voltage of 500V below, which have higher requirements on anti disturbance. K-type B type low density polyethylene with anti-oxidation function is used as insulation collector of cable ground core. Polyethylene has high insulation resistance, good voltage resistance, small dielectric coefficient, small influence of dielectric loss temperature variable frequency, which can only meet the requirements of transmission function, but also ensure the service life of cable.

In order to increase the crosstalk internal disturbance between circuits, power cable manufacturers adopt shielding structure. The shielding requirements of the cable are based on the identification of different places: pair combination shielding, total shielding of pair combination cable, total shielding after pair combination shielding, etc.

Shielding materials include round copper wire, copper tape, aluminum tape / plastic composite tape. Shielding pair shielding pair have better insulation function. If there is potential difference between shielding pair shielding pair, the transmission quality of signal will be affected.)

The temporary task temperature of conductor core is 70 ℃ 105 ℃, the cable laying temperature is lower than 0 ℃.

1. They have different insulation levels. The insulation level of the control cable is slightly higher. The insulation of control cables is generally 450 / 750V.

2. Computer cable more emphasis on shielding effect, anti-interference function is stronger. Most of them adopt the way of sub shielding + total shielding.

3. The strength of the control cable machine is higher than that of the computer cable. It is tensile resistant, especially for the steel armor. It is suitable for indoor service even buried laying. But the computer cable machine strength is slightly weak, does stretch, generally only in the substation the cabinet outdoor part laying.

Many manufacturers don't know the subtlety of it. Using the specification of control cable to make communication cable, only the cable consumed is clumsy, but also can't match with the communication parameters! Industrial automation is developing rapidly. The computer cable designed by us can meet the requirements!

Nowadays, the industrial field bus with RS485 / RS422 as the interface has gradually replaced the control of the traditional instrument panel. It is only complex in structure, but also easy to maintain network management.

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