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Hongliang Cable Co., Ltd

24-hour business phone:158-5311-6666

Head office address: Dacao Technical Economic Development Area, Xingtai city ,Hebei province, China



Domestic operation Department: Jinan high tech Zone, Shandong Province

Company Profile


Set up  a 5000m2 factory by Mr Hongliang Guo  10 other founders who have abundant cable experience over 10 years  in 1988  after reorganization in 2004 , now Hongliang cable grows to be one of the leading professional power cable  wire manufacturers in China. 


Located in Xingtai city, Hebei province, China, our factory covers an area of 65,425mm2. With warehouses in 9 main cities dozens of agencies in China, our domestic sales internet is able to cover all the provinces in China. Our main products vary house wires, 1kV PVC XLPE power cable, 3.3kV to 36kV XLPE cable, control cable, instrumentation cable to over head line such as AAC, AAAC, ACSR bare conductors ABC cable. As environmental protection concept enhanced, we researched developed environmental cables such as low smoke halogen free cable, flame retardant(Class A, B, C) fire resistant cable to protect electricity transmission line ensure people’s safety.

As China enjoys explosive economic increase after the reform in the end of last century, many industries bloomed including cable industry. Unfortunately, as more more manufacturers flooded into the cable industry, competition became more fierce. It’s more difficult to maintain strict standard quality as margin decrease decrease again. On the other side, Hongliang cable focuses on enlarging our business into raw materials which ensures lower cost provides mutual benefits for our partners. ( We’d rather call our clients as partners. ) In order to improve efficiency fast delivery, we have increased to over 30 production lines, imported advanced equipment Europe established 20000m2 half-finished products warehouse.


Hongliang cable takes advantage of quality to win the world business. 

Hongliang cable takes advantage of honesty self-cultivation to build business relationship full of trust with our partners.

Hongliang cable takes advantage of love to promote a better world !


Wherever there is electricity, there is Hongliang Cable


Time difference is a big problem for international business. But in Hongliang Cable, the sales engineer team would stay very late at night until we find a perfect solution to our partners. The word ‘Better’ is in Hongliang cable dictionary, ‘Perfect’ is.

After 28 years focusing on standard quality power cables overflow value, now our products are widely used in power stations, machines, building construction other industries over 30 countries around the world. In addition to China standard, we accept customization of IEC, AS/NZS, BS, NFC, UL standard other international standard etc. If you have your own design would like to discuss more details, kindly feel free to let us know. 

Customers' satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

High-quality guarantees our survival, credibility is our principle.

Win-win is our goal.

Hongliang Cable, your choice!


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Head office address:Dacao Technical Economic Development Area,

Xingtai city ,Hebei province, China  

Operation Department: Jinan high tech Zone, Shandong Province


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